is an annual festival of new media art showcasing digital and media-based art on commercial electronic billboard displays and advertising screens across Singapore.

The festival’s title takes cue from the site from which the new media artworks will be displayed, as well as the thematic idea of being at a crossroad of art and technology, cultural and commercial media.  At the crossroads between rapid advancement in display manufacturing processes and immersive virtual technologies, the diminishing bezel slowly vanishes from modular commercial billboards and consumer products, in an effort to bridge the gaps between the fragmented picture it displays (as well as between virtual and reality). The identity reintroduces the bezel digitally/visually to acknowledge and examine its relationship with the content it frames. Presented by ToNewEntities as part of Singapore Art Week 2022. (Credits — Website development: Vu Long; Day photography and video: Sadiq Mansor; Night photography: Vu Long)