is a fully 3D printed book exploring the relationship between materiality and mortality, dimensionality and causality; the afterlife of the codex.

Entombed within this codex are cross-sectional slices of open-source 3D models of trees, dispossessed of its volume in another dimension (3D), and presented as flat (2D) bodies. The 3D printer’s capability to print in the z-axis is extended to its ability to print both the canvas and content simultaneously. Contrary to traditional paper-printing processes that requires a pulp canvas and ink to print, the 3D printer sees no distinction between the canvas and the print — they are printed as one. On its spine an epitaph reads: “How do you kill what does not (need) bleed?” — a reference to the “bleed” process during traditional paper-printing production that is eliminated with 3D-printing. Filled with lore and writings within about how 3D printing reconciles with the “death of print”, CORPUS explores the 3D printed book as the afterlife of the book; a codex of another dimension.