is a time-based, audio-visual exhibition organised by Offgrid and OBJ Studio in Frankfurt, Germany. In collaboration with Studio Lucas Hesse, a moving identity was created for the show held at saasfee Pavillon.

Featuring the works of more than 25 international visual and sonic artists, the works are brought together using Bronze.AI to present the show in an alternative format. (Credits — Motion Design: w/ Lucas Hesse; Sound Design Trailer: Offgrid; Art Direction 3D: Lukas Treibenreif; Photo: Pauline Schey; Film: Nick Bald; Text: Vivien C. Kaempf; Venue: saasfee Pavillon; Works featured: Existential Pleasures)



is a creative studio that builds media worlds. With a focus on arts and cultural development, the studio celebrates imagination and creativity while leveraging on new media technologies to unveil new perspectives towards visual culture.

The identity of ToNewEntities (TNE) is inspired by creation myths, the logotype is envisioned as an object-in-motion, churning and forming something new, otherworldly. The type renders itself typographically inside its letters’ counter-spaces and apertures, lines set within text leading — reflecting the studio’s operational interests in the latent spaces/gaps, blank states, unexplored potentialities.