is a fully 3D printed book exploring the relationship between materiality and mortality, dimensionality and causality; the afterlife of the codex.

Entombed within this codex are cross-sectional slices of open-source 3D models of trees, dispossessed of its volume in another dimension (3D), and presented as flat (2D) bodies. The 3D printer’s capability to print in the z-axis is extended to its ability to print both the canvas and content simultaneously. Contrary to traditional paper-printing processes that requires a pulp canvas and ink to print, the 3D printer sees no distinction between the canvas and the print — they are printed as one. On its spine an epitaph reads: “How do you kill what does not (need) bleed?” — a reference to the “bleed” process during traditional paper-printing production that is eliminated with 3D-printing. Filled with lore and writings within about how 3D printing reconciles with the “death of print”, CORPUS explores the 3D printed book as the afterlife of the book; a codex of another dimension.



is a creative studio that builds media worlds. With a focus on arts and cultural development, the studio celebrates imagination and creativity while leveraging on new media technologies to unveil new perspectives towards visual culture.

The identity of ToNewEntities (TNE) is inspired by creation myths, the logotype is envisioned as an object-in-motion, churning and forming something new, otherworldly. The type renders itself typographically inside its letters’ counter-spaces and apertures, lines set within text leading — reflecting the studio’s operational interests in the latent spaces/gaps, blank states, unexplored potentialities.