Moncler Corporate Report (Proposal)

is an animated news bulletin for Moncler Group’s corporate sector and partners.

Working with Hypemaker, we designed and proposed multiple animated graphic systems to showcase key information pertaining to Moncler Group’s business and direction. Inspired by Moncler’s brand narrative: ‘born in the mountains’, morphing triangle motifs are used in 2 × 2 panels to create dynamic and form-driven layout for text, data, and images. (Credits — Creative Direction: Hypemaker EMEA/Hypebeast; Unused concept)



is a creative studio that builds media worlds. With a focus on arts and cultural development, the studio celebrates imagination and creativity while leveraging on new media technologies to unveil new perspectives towards visual culture.

The identity of ToNewEntities (TNE) is a visual embodiment of its aspirations. Inspired by creation myths, the logotype is envisioned as an object-in-motion, churning and forming something new, otherworldly. The type renders itself typographically inside its letters’ counter-spaces and apertures, lines set within text leading — reflecting the studio’s operational interests in the latent spaces/gaps, blank states, unexplored potentialities. As a nod to TNE’s interests in pop culture as well as corporate cultures, the studio’s brand manual is designed with card album sleeve covers and inserts — highlighting the parallels between trading game cards and business cards as collected objects for different games of trade.