is an electronic music and art festival with live electronic music, art exhibition, and workshops organised by Mutualism, held in Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

The festival celebrates the ever expanding scope of art and electronic music. The identity of the festival is based on an animated sequence of expanding letters spelling the festival’s name, each letter growing from within, in a loop. (Credits — Website design/coding: Mak Simay; Animation: w/ Gabriel Lim; Sound: Julian Jaschke, Helge Ebinger, Mutualism)



is a creative studio that builds media worlds. With a focus on arts and cultural development, the studio celebrates imagination and creativity while leveraging on new media technologies to unveil new perspectives towards visual culture.

The identity of ToNewEntities (TNE) is inspired by creation myths, the logotype is envisioned as an object-in-motion, churning and forming something new, otherworldly. The type renders itself typographically inside its letters’ counter-spaces and apertures, lines set within text leading — reflecting the studio’s operational interests in the latent spaces/gaps, blank states, unexplored potentialities.