You Said You’d Hold My Hand Through The Fire

is an album released by Hyperdub Records, written and produced by Iceboy Violet & Nueen.

Custom lettering revolving around the idea of a recurring (love) letter from a bitter-sweet break up, appearing in ever𝓎thing 𝓎ou see; sometimes as a misplaced letter, sometimes replacing others, sometimes wishing it were another. (Credits — Artwork Photography: Ana Radtsenko, Project management: Offgrid Studio)


Form & Agency

is a solo exhibition by artist Brandon Tay that explores the materiality of the digital. Presented on three stacks — the physical, the virtual, and live simulation components — the visual identity echoes the verticality of the stacks with a custom typeface and code logic. Shown in Yeo Workshop, Singapore.

The experimental variable typeface, As above, so below with elongated ascenders and descenders is capable of forming ‘vertical ligatures’, not with lateral letters but across lines of texts through stems of letterforms. This verticality is reflected through the placement of texts on edges of walls in the gallery space; of thresholds between spaces. Vertical ligatures challenging the linearity of languages; of words in lines; of thresholds between symbols and meanings. (Credits — Curator: Rafi Abdullah; Exhibition design: Amirul Nazree, set up w/ Nghia Phung; Website design and build: w/ Bảo Anh Bùi; Exhibition Photography: Jonathan Tan)