State of Motion: Alternate/Opt Realities

explores the interstices of visual art, cinema, and filmic research through exhibitions, film screenings and artistic responses. The sixth edition of this multidisciplinary arts event organised by the Asian Film Archive explores the science-fiction genre through the potency of audio-visual technologies.

The theme takes its cue from the “Alt / Option” key from the computer keyboard, allowing users to modify existing mechanical systems and command codes. By entangling the “opt” between the phrase, “alternate realities”, the optional, optimal, and optical imagine possibilities beyond present realities. The visual identity follows this narrative by entangling two main shapes that visually conjure palpable shapes/letters in its latent spaces — representing new worlds/realities formed by the endless permutations. (Credits — Graphic & Website design: w/ Kim Nguyen; Website development: OKOK Services; Site photography: Nigel Tan & Chloe Tan)